Pomp’s music video, “Smoking” features a group of young men snowboarding and showing off in their retro 80s gear. Bucky Constantine, Giorgio Penis, and Hewey Chubbs (The band’s aliases in the music video) all represent a light-hearted sense of boyhood as they enjoy having fun with friends–skating and snowboarding.

The band explains how their love for music helped them through tough times during their adolescence stating, “This song in particular is about stress leading to bad habits which then leads to more stress. Also, a bit about a bad mushroom trip that involved French Montana saving my life at a music festival + a messy breakup.” As life can sometimes throw curve balls all at the same time, Pomp wants to provide the same music outlet for their fans.

Although the music video is full of smiles and laughter, the track “Smoking” contains a lot of pain. It talks about the woes of dealing with hardships and falling back on things like smoking to ease the discomfort of pain/stress. Masking emotional pain and covering up unwanted feelings is easier than pushing through the heartache and healing open wounds. 

From a listener point of view, the lyrics resonate with how easy it is to fall off the path of healing, “Now I’m smoking again . . .  I can’t quit that easily, except for things that are good for me.” The song insinuates that bad habits that numb the trials and tribulations of life are easy to do. The hard part is staying consistent with good habits that improve life.

Pomp shows that the best thing to remedy the tears and sadness is living freely with friends while enjoying happiness and laughter. They leave us with wise words, “We just want to have some laughs, create some tunes and start a party that everyone is invited to.”Make sure to check out “Smoking” on Spotify.





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