“Bones” by Josh Stanley

Monaco-based artist & songwriter Josh Stanley has a new genre-fusing track with “Bones,” a song told in his alter-ego’s eyes. Mixing hip-hop and pop elements, Josh seems to come in and out of his alter-ego: hip-hop is Stanley’s counterpart, and pop is himself. The song is catchy, fun, and his vocals are impossible to get out of one’s head. Get your New Years’ playlists ready, as “Bones” is guaranteed to get the party going.

“Bones” is Josh’s way of being a “womanizer.” Monaco has many playboy residents, and he delves himself into this stereotype, talking about his relationships with these women. In the music video, he is shown wearing a white suit on a yacht of some sort, quickly highlighting what kind of world he lives in. Whereas Josh himself doesn’t seem to fit this stereotype at all, his alter-ego has no trouble doing it. Lyrics such as “Rolly on my wrist, Muga makes her wet” and “Way she gives me top, That I won’t forget” add on to what type of vibe he is going for with “Bones.”

Josh Stanley is a success story waiting to happen. Graduating from Berklee College of Music, he began to write music frequently. With singles such as “Sass Cafe,” “Rich Boy,” and “She Buys Her Men” surpassing over 3.5 million streams, Josh Stanley is an artist to look for.

He recently made his reality TV debut in France. “Bones” releases today, December 3rd; go check the excellent track out below!

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Written by Melissa Cusano

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