“Not Enough (Falling For Your Love)” by Phil Dutra

There are two genres of mainstream music that you can always count on to deliver a love song; R&B and country. Phil Dutra brings it with the latter on his latest, “Not Enough (Falling For Your Love).” A throwback that sounds like the best the country scene had to offer in the ‘90s, Dutra’s latest will have hopeless romantics falling for him. 

You know a song is good when you find yourself already singing along after only one listen. This is exactly what happens when you give “Not Enough (Falling For Your Love)” more than a singular listen. Phil Dutra’s voice comes through smoothly and falls in line nicely with the musical arrangements that offer both romance and serenity with elements of soft rock existing side by side with that country heart. All of that combined gives way to a pleasurable listening experience through and through. It is the perfect song to keep warm with during these colder months, especially if you have someone you care for by your side. 

With this being such a great track, I wondered what else Phil Dutra had for me. I was surprised to see that this was his first single since 2018’s “Lucky.” Ironically enough, country fans are the lucky ones now that he is back at it, releasing new material. We cannot wait to hear what is next this Austin-based singer-songwriter. For now, make sure to check out “Not Enough (Falling For Your Love)” by Phil Dutra on all major music and streaming sites now.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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