Guitarist, vocalist and keyboardist Alex Riggen and drummer Nick Pompou make up the grunge metal duo, Murnau. The duo from Moline, IL just released a beautiful twelve minute song called “Dalia” which they have described as brooding and atmospheric shoegaze, grunge/doom mixed in with Murnau’s unique style.

If you are unfamiliar with Murnau’s style, now is your chance to familiarize yourself with this heavy hitting duo that is making hit after hit. “Dalia” is the fourth release from Murnau this year and although a twelve minute song may sound intimidating, Murnau does an excellent job at easing you into the song and making it only feel like it was three minutes long.

When “Dalia” ends you will understand that twelve minutes was simply just not enough. Alex and Nick have an amazing bond, they have been playing together since high school (17 years ago) and the bond they have created in each other shows in their music.

“Dalia” will turn you into a huge fan of Murnau’s…that is if you weren’t one already. They keep it calm, cool and collected for the first seven minutes of “Dalia” then after that you get to see the other side of Murnau, their harder side. “Dalia”makes you head bob while you make a subtle stank face.

If you haven’t already checked out their other three releases from this year then “Dalia” will definitely encourage you to do that. Any song you hear from them is sure to make you become obsessed and you will quickly add all their songs to your daily playlists.

“Dalia is only asking for 12 minutes of your time. We guarantee she’s worth it.” – Alex Riggen

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Alex Riggen




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