“Old McDonald Goes To The Circus” by Allan Corby

A delightful twist on a classic tale. 

One of the staples of American childhood is the nursery rhyme “Old Macdonald.” It’s been a part of our lives since as far back as many can remember and while I have no idea how it came to be, it’s been one of those musical moments that have lived on thanks to everything from ‘Sesame Street’ to Nickelodeon’s preschool programming, Nick Jr. Now the farmer is getting yet another new life thanks to “Old McDonald Goes To The Circus” by Allan Corby. 

This seasoned guitarist is no stranger to Rising Artists. We adored his outlook on love and life with his first single of 2021, “Love is a Merry-Go-Round,” in which he gave a new outlook and analogy to the idea of love and relationships. Well, since then he’s been a bit busy. Corby has released half a dozen songs throughout the year, with “Old McDonald Goes To The Circus” being his fourth single. We’re starting to notice a bit of a theme here with where his mind resides; a lively circus. This makes all the sense in the world given how spirited this instrumental featuring Old McDonald is. 

You can’t help but smile as Allan Corby lays it down and delivers a fun, fantastic folk song that will move audiences, literally. It’s hard not to want to move about when you hit play on this high-energy Americana meets folk song. To be moved, check out “Old McDonald Goes To The Circus” and all the rest of Allan Corby’s music, out now on all major music and streaming sites. 

Written by Kendra Beltran




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