“The Last Goodbye” by Nadia Moon

Nadia Moon is a multi talented singer-songwriter who has been playing keys by ear from the age of four, her musical journey was expanded by expressing herself through vocals and guitar. Through this her style was naturally developed along the way.

“The Last Goodbye” is the not only the third single from Nadia Moon this year, it’s her third single to ever be released. “The Last Goodbye” is Nadia’s final single to be released from her upcoming EP, due early February.

Jazz will never go out of style, it’s a classic sound they many of you have come to know and love. We love when an artist puts a spin on it and we love when they keep it simple, Moon has managed to do both throughout the song. The tune is intricate in its simplicity yet it is far from sounding or feeling simple. Moon has done an excellent job at keep you engaged through the entirety of the song, the instruments bring you in but her vocals are lyrics are what makes you want to stay.

The way “The Last Goodbye” is described as powerful and theatrical in aesthetic, it’s a modern tango that speaks of the
emotions and afterthoughts of a break up. This may be the last single to be released by Nadia Moon this year but is it not the last you will hear from her, with her EP scheduled to be released in February, you will be bouncing off the walls until then. “The Last Goodbye” is hardly our last goodbye from Nadia Moon.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: George Rouen





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