“ep4: two fingered gestures” by the Rec

the Rec is a duo that consists of vocalist Dovey and Ritchie on music, the two went to school together in Oswestry, Shropshire in the early 80s and formed their first band, after some years of separation they started making music together again a few years ago. They describe their music as “being a whole range of quite diverse music, but the point where our venn diagram intersects would include classic British punk and post-punk and 60s rock and pop.”

The fourth EP from the duo does not disappoint, if you are unfamiliar with the Rec, their first single off the EP “this is the Rec” will give you the taste you need. The semi self titled track brings the vibes that make you want to sip a margarita while doing that shoulder shuffle dance you know all too well.

When you get to “Factory Lil” and “College Road” your emotions should have kicked in by then, these slower based songs will have you crying in the bathroom bar…but it the best way possible. This EP has a way of making you feel all the feelings, none that you will regret.

Typically humans tend to save the best for last and the Rec is no exception, “for sale” ends the EP is an upbeat piano tune mixed with soothing vocals, this song oddly enough seems to make you feel like you’re in the olden times….everyone gathered around the long table and singing “yo ho and a bottle of rum”

The duo has done a magnificent job at making a diverse EP that is sure to keep every listener engaged and also bring to fans into their realm. You won’t want to miss the chance to discover unique music such as this.

“the Rec is the sound of young Shropshire since 1981. Variety is our speciality. We have no agenda, we trust each other’s instincts, they’re normally spot on” – the Rec

Written by Jaye Maverick





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