“You’ve Got Me (In Agony)” by Caleb Caming

Heartache is a topic that most people can relate to as everyone will experience a breakup at some point in life. It is perfectly normal to experience a certain amount of mental anguish after a breakup; however, one must learn how to properly manage his or her feelings if one expects to heal from the breakup. Alternative rock artist Caleb Caming addresses this subject matter in his single “You’ve Got Me (In Agony).”

“You’ve Got me (In Agony)” begins with a hard, gritty guitar riff and a rhythmic beat from the drums. The drums and guitar back off a bit in terms of volume, but gradually become louder and heavier. Caleb’s vocals start out sounding calm and soft, but they gradually become powerful and loud. The song’s lyrics seem to be conveying the mental pain that he feels due to his girlfriend walking out on him, as well as his attempt to win her back. “You’ve got me in agony.” “Baby please don’t go. I know I messed up baby, I get it. But if you take me back you won’t regret it.” The back half of the song features an explosive, shredding guitar solo that packs a one, two punch to the earbuds. The song ends with Caleb singing the chorus, asking his love interest to save him. 

Caleb Caming is based in New York, New York and he formed a band called Caleb Caming & The Heat with two other musicians in 2019. Caleb Caming and his band draw inspiration from the grunge era of the 1990’s.


Written by Brittany Jennings

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