“Never Painted Black” by Vince Chinaski

99% of the time when I’m listening to music, I’m envisioning a scene in a movie. Perhaps this is because I grew up watching MTV for the videos and not spectacles set in “reality.” This is why when I turned on “Never Painted Black” by Vince Chinaski – the scene instantly came to mind. So much so, I was holding a casting call in my head and mentally looking up the perfect locations to shoot. 

Noir. That’s the vibe of the movie “Never Painted Black” has. It’s got this mysterious, theatrical aesthetic throughout that made me think of Timothee Chamalet decked out in a 1940’s wardrobe, sitting at a piano bar. The lights are dim and the drinks aren’t the only thing on the rocks, because there’s a couple in the foreground on the edge of extinction. All the while, Vince Chinaski is belting out, “Every day is a new day, yours for the taking brighter than the one before.” A positive sentiment juxtaposed to the darker tones set by the music that presents an elevated folk meets alternative result. 

“Never Painted Black” is Vince Chinaski’s first step towards a solo career as he spent years before this writing, recording, producing, and touring with other notable acts in Europe for some time. Now he is switching gears and focusing on his own craft with plans to release more singles, an EP, and a full album from now through the end of next year. So stay tuned for all of that, and in the meantime check out “Never Painted Black” out now on all music and streaming platforms. 

Written by Kendra Beltran





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