“Breaking Out” by The Lowtones

The Lowtones are a four piece band that consists of vocalist Oliver ‘Mav’ Mavilio, guitarist Jack Abbott, Tim Cary on bass and the most important part of the band, drummer George Abbott. “Breaking Out” is the first release from the group, they hope to put out a certain message. “Breaking Out” is about feeling trapped in a situation you are not happy in, making the decision to take the leap and make the change. It is the anthemic sound of a weight coming off your shoulders.

You can’t help but to sigh out of relief when you finally get yourself out a bad relationship, job, living situation…whatever it may be, when you finally exit, it feelings like you can breathe again. “Breaking Out” is the anthem for that exact type of situation.

Lyrically this song is very exact and to the point and the music is upbeat so it makes you feel the excitement and not feel somber. Leaving something that doesn’t make you happy isn’t always easy and it’s not hard to talk yourself back into that situation. “Breaking Out” keeps you smiling with it’s happy tune and helps you keep firm in your decision.

The Lowtones are already onto something big with the release of “Breaking Out”, their EP is scheduled to be released in early 2022, all you can do is wait and blast “Breaking Out”. You can also stalk their Instagram if you need more Lowtones in your life…and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?

Written by Jaye Maverick




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