“Bleeding Hearts Club” by Sunday Hunter

The atmosphere that greets you right off the bat on Sunday Hunter’s new track “Bleeding Hearts Club” is intense and unique. Eventually bolstered with deep bass, the almost dance feel takes a moment to settle. By the time the cool vocals come in, the versatile instrumental is already taking on a new feel. Capturing a ton of different moods, Sunday Hunter did a great job creating a listening experience unlike anything else on this awesome and unforgettable release.

Sounding almost like Azealia Banks meets Grimes (no kidnapping this time), pinning down the influences is impossible. Even drawing that parallel feels like a stretch as there’s nothing quite like “Bleeding Hearts Club”. It will have you thinking and wondering about the groove and what makes everything lock in so well. Modern, intense, and passionate the whole listening experience was unlike anything I’ve heard. Don’t let that detract from how well it locks together, however. Although there was constantly new voices entering, nothing ever felt out of control. Chaotic, yes, but everything had a purpose and fit together phenomenally

One of the coolest parts in my opinion was the ease at which Sunday Hunter commanded the vibe. No matter what was happening, how many voices were contributing, the lead vocals were infallible. Between the cool vocals and the synthesizers that twist and support the song there was constantly innovation going on. Some verses felt like glitch-hop while others leaned into the modern pop feel. They easily led into one another resulting in this catchy, yet explorative soundscape.

“Bleeding Hearts Club” by Sunday Hunter is available now on any major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts



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