‘If There’s Time’ by Brothers Clair

Everyone makes mistakes. It’s something you’ve heard time and time again. The important thing is how you deal with those mistakes. It can be easy to let each little time you slip something up to sit there and stew, but this can overall hurt your quality of life. Brothers Clair released their latest single ‘If There’s Time’ to address the importance of righting these wrongs and moving forward with more peace of mind. Its sound and message are extremely uplifting, and the story behind its creation is an important one to tell.

‘If There’s Time’ breaks in with the perfect upbeat bounce, and it has an optimistic sound displayed throughout. The overall production gives clarity to each instrument, allowing the music to truly pop out. It’s catchy and the vocals are delivered powerfully, making great use of energetic and empowered belting. The piano adds such a special aspect to the track. It was willed to the band’s guitarist and keyboardist Tay by his now late grandmother and brings in a jazzy tone with its uptempo rolls. Her one wish was that it was played either during a performance or on a track. This is that special track. It encapsulates her memory in an uplifting and inspiring way.

Despite the backstory of ‘If There’s Time’ being one tied to loss, the lyrics are encouraging and positive, fitting into the nature of the instrumentation. As Brothers Clair puts it, “‘If There’s Time’ focuses on owning up to ones mistakes and righting the wrongs made in the past to push forward to a better future.” It captures an idea of allowing yourself to move forward and grow despite the things that have been pulling you back. One of making things right so it’s easier to move forward with clarity and comfort. The chorus is all about taking control of your life by taking this weight off, giving yourself the ability to soar.

Brothers Clair is a Baltimore-based indie rock band that consists of lead singer and guitarist Chris Windebank, bassist and backup singer Andrey Vasilchenko, keyboardist and guitarist Tay, and drummer Cooper Flynn. Chris brought Brothers Clair together in highschool, pulling in artists from a wide range of genres. Their performance at The Metro Gallery in Baltimore in 2018 was what solidified the lineup as it is today. They’ve grown to sell out numerous venues and release a dynamic array of tracks. Brothers Clair delivers variety within their music, and their entire discography is worth a listen.

Written by Sage Plapp




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