“Consumed” by Grace O’Shea

Photo Credit: Molly Trunnell

Being an elder millennial, I spent my mornings getting ready for school going back and forth between MTV and Vh1, consuming a random assortment of videos. When I started listening to “Consumed” by Grace O’Shea, I was taken back to those mornings when a video by Maria Mena would come on. I never knew more than this “You’re The Only One,” but that’s what this Nashville transplant reminded me of with her pop meets indie quirk take on a love song about something I know a lot about. 

“Consumed” is about all those feelings one keeps bottled up with they start to fall into crush mode with someone. This is something we can all relate to as most of our first crushes date back to being toddlers when we’re watching Disney movies and falling for the likes of Robin Hood. Just me? Anyways, the fact that we’ve all been there, and continue to do this makes “Consumed” one of those songs that everyone can not only relate to but sink their feels into. Perhaps it can also be the push they need to make their crush aware of their feelings? Scary, I know, but something you have to take that chance, right? 

Speaking of taking chances, Grace O’Shea packed her bags and moved from New England down to Nashville to take a hold of her career. She started performing in bars at the tender age of 15, and several years later she’s still as determined as ever. “Consumed” is Grace O’Shea’s second single this year, following the release of her debut, “Blinked.” So far she’s showed off quite the range with her first single leaning more on the softer, singer-songwriter meets country side of things, and “Consumed” bringing a folk-pop vibrancy to the table. 

You can find Grace O’Shea on all major music and streaming sites now. 

Written by Kendra Beltran




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