Incomer is a trio that consists of Danilo on synthesizers, Gleb as the vocalist and bass guitarist Sasha. Their newest single “Humory?” poses the question “What is humor and can humor pose a threat?” According to the group the answer is “yes, if it questions society’s imposed reality and outdated worldview.”

The group experiments with several different sounds and you can grasp that within the first few seconds of the song. It immediately pulls you in with this sort of trickle sound and the immediate lyrics of “humory, very scary”, there are a few definitions of the word humor and the most accurate one that describes the song “Humory?” is “a mood or state of mind.”

When you think about the unpredictability of someones mood or state of mind, it truly is a scary thought. The experimental group does an amazing job at making you think and question a different kind of reality, it makes you think about the way someone else’s brain may work.

The trio from Ukraine has no problem reaching an American audience, they have relatable lyrics and a unique style that is hard to copy. They are making music that is difficult to make, the four minute song almost doesn’t feel long enough, when it ends you will want more “Humory?”

“Humory?” by Incomer will quickly be added to any goth/emo playlist you have, their somber vibe is something you can’t help but to fall in love with.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Daria Lychko





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