“…and the Code of Harry” by BRINGER OF LIGHT

Plano, TX based band BRINGER OF LIGHT consists of Mike OB as the vocalist and lyricist, Brad TBOLT on guitars, bass, fx, and songwriting and there is also Tanner Rage on drums and mixing. According to BRINGER OF LIGHT, the concept of the EP is based on the hit show Dexter, it’s their way of giving a fresh new take on Industrial, goth, deathcore and metalcore.

The EP “…and the Code of Harry” is the first release from the trio. “My Dark…Whatever” starts off with this siren type noise then kicks it into high gear with heavy drums/guitar and a guttural scream you can hear from miles away. This was the perfect way to ease you into the heaviness that is BRINGER OF LIGHT.

As the EP goes into the next track “Bonesaws and Baby Bottles” you can get a sense of who BRINGER OF LIGHT truly is. There is no easing you into their screams and head bangs. Immediately when this song comes on you are going to either open up the pit or hop in the pit, even if it’s just you in your house, you won’t be able to stop yourself from moshing.  

The intensity of “Bonesaws and Baby Bottles” is unmatched, this song is sure to be added to any party playlist you have. When the breakdown hits, you will be breaking necks and bouncing off the freaking walls. Just when you think the song is ending, you get more more minute of absolute madness. This is the pump up song you need, it just makes you want to R A G E!

The last song is always the saddest because it means it’s over…but with BRINGER OF LIGHT, it’s never over. Killing bad people is something you have thought about at least once in your life, if you were to do that, BRINGER OF LIGHT has the perfect soundtrack.

The EP closes with “I Will Kill Bad PPL” it’s no surprise that this song has all the heaviness you need. The trio are sure to make huge waves and become known in no time, they are creating relatable music that is heaven to any metalheads ears. You won’t regret taking 15 min to listen to “…and the Code of Harry”.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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