Audri’s third EP, written and produced in its entirety by the Seattle songwriter, is as vibrant and effortlessly captivating as her previous work. Filled with gorgeous storytelling and motifs, ‘Swan Song’ may just be exactly that for Audri.

Like the singer-songwriters of old, Audri allows each song to tell its own unique story. In all three songs (‘Dear Ramona’, ‘Happening’ and ‘Relax’) we are greeted with a protagonist, shrouded in complexity and a unique situation before exploring several emotions, themes and the human condition as a whole. It’s not just about creating an epic sonic landscape but housing an engaging story alongside it.

Like her previous two EP’s, ‘Swan Song’ was recorded at the legendary Robert Lang Studios. Her excellent bandmates include Elliot Austin on bass Giovanni Rechhi on drums and Sawyer Thompson on guitar. Her talented team comprises Chris Rahm (recording engineer), Austen Jux-Chandler (mixing engineer), and Rachel Field (mastering engineer). Organic orchestral accompaniments are arranged by Phillip Peterson and performed by Phillip Peterson, Chet Peterson, and Victoria Parker.

The casual intensity is reminiscent of 90’s soft rock but the ethereal lyrics and gorgeous storytelling hints at Leonard Cohen or even more recent artists, like Hozier. Fuelled by a clear and present passion for song writing, Audri’s ability and talent have allowed her to garner a strong following with only several songs. Her new EP is brief but endlessly rewarding in production and quality of songs and defines Audri as one of Seattle’s most eciting upcoming artists. Stream ‘Swan Song’ now!

Reviewed by Ciarán Coleman







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