“Ellis” by 1st Base Runner

Austin, TX-based singer songwriter, Tim Husmann is 1st Base Runner. His sophomore EP “Ellis” is a collaboration with longtime friend Bryan Ellis. According to Tim, this potent new collection finds 1st Base Runner further expanding his atmospheric and intensely personal sound, incorporating indie rock, shoegaze, post-punk, pop, ambient and electronic music influences to form a cohesive signature.

“Ellis” is an all around relaxing EP, with each song having it’s own vibe. Starting “Ellis” off is “Near Me”, this particular song will have you slow dancing in the mirror while you wear a feather boa around your neck. This electronic style of song is unique in its own way, this particular beat mixed and relatable lyrics with the whispery vocals of 1st Base Runner is what is going to keep you hooked into the EP.

The EP seamlessly continues into the next track “Flux”, the definition of flux is the action or process of flowing or flowing out. As you continue to listen to this song, it will become evident on why this song is named “Flux”. The fluidity of “Flux” is what keeps you engaged, you have now gone from mirror dancing to laying in the grass and staring at the stars. This track almost seems like it was made from a romantic scene in a movie.

“Numbers” and “WXW” are a bit more upbeat, these two tracks are perfectly placed and balances out the EP well. Although “WXW” is on a more upbeat pop style, this song is the true definition of shoegaze. You have graduated from laying in the grass to dancing barefoot in the grass. “WXW” is made of margaritas and good times.

The EP “Ellis” ends with a song that has a music video associated with it, “Man Overboard”. The calming song has an equally comforting video, while the man is floating in the ocean, it almost seems like you are floating with him. As he loses his belongings, you can feel yourself slowly drifting away as if you are one of his items. 1st Base Runner does an amazing job at making you feel as if you are a part of the time, it music feels very immersive. It’s art for you ears.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Dilly Gent




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