“The Bond” by Sweeter Than Sorrow

Sweeter Than Sorrow’s latest track, “The Bond ” is a beautiful and melodic song about love: peaceful piano, soaring instrumental, and soothing vocals. Lead Singer Mattias Wåhlberg, the sole creator behind Sweeter Than Sorrow, has such a captivating voice so unique that he can bring the listener closer and closer to the music in a somewhat hypnotizing way. It is a song that anyone will love; whether to study, fall asleep, or daydream to. For those lovers out there, “The Bond ” is an excellent song for the upcoming season, with Valentine’s Day just around the corner. 

Before Sweeter Than Sorrow, Wåhlberg was the bandleader of the Swedish alternative folk-pop group Sombre View. Wåhlberg takes a step back from the pop world for his latest project, focusing on melodic, soft tracks with meaningful lyrics about love, loss, and life. 

Being in love is truly one of the most beautiful and essential feelings in the world that can only be shared between two people. “The Bond ” is just about that: an acoustic love ballad about that special and unique bond that those who deeply love each other feel. Starting with simple high-pitched yet melodic keys, Wahlberg’s alto-toned, almost whisper-like voice comes in, singing lyrics, “It’s like a dream, but we are wide awake” and “We’re flying higher”, highlighting the floating-like feelings of falling in love. 

An almost child-like melody comes in between the lyrics, showcasing the dream-like state of being with the person you love more than anything. In a way, the only other time one will feel that innocent and surreal feeling of being a child is felt again when first falling in love, which “The Bond ” so perfectly encapsulates. 

Photo Credits: Alina Wåhlberg

Written by Melissa Cusano






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