“Ragdoll” by RAT BATH

“How dare you, how dare you.” 

A great, simple line from “Ragdoll” by RAT BATH. The third and final single from this Milwaukee-based band’s February 2022 release is set to be truly bewitching. That’s because well, it centers around the story of a witch whose powers become null and void due to a demon. What? Well, you’ll have to check out the record to find out how this tale set to a countrycore tone pans out, but first – more about “Ragdoll.” 

Whenever I listen to a song, my mind likes to take me to a venue. Having spent over 15 years in Los Angeles engulfed in the music scene, I’ve been to a great deal and “Ragdoll” gave me major Echo vibes as the punk rock elements intertwined in between country-inspired ways would fit in nicely in the heart of LA’s most music-centric neighborhood. Which, country…yup, RAT BATH isn’t shy about utilizing country in their sound and you know what? It works! I’ve always felt country and punk music had a lot in common and here RAT BATH is, making it a reality in real-time with “Ragdoll,” a very Tsunami Bomb meets honky tonk moment. 

RAT BATH’s upcoming February 2022 release is the follow-up to their 2020 debut EP, a little homage to the Man in Black, ‘I Shot a Man in Reno (Just to Make a Coat).’ Again, the new album will unravel the story of a witch whose powers are dissolved by a demon, and the only way to get them back is to resolve past traumas. “Ragdoll” is the moment the witch steps up to the demon, but you’ll have to check out the rest of the record to see if the main character of this story prevails over past traumas or if they are just too much to get over. The symbolism of all of that, so timely as we’ve all collectively gone through the trauma of the past couple of years. 

On top of giving you a genre you may never have thought possible and killing it, RAT BATH also comes with the representation the alt-scene needs. Having been in the music scene in LA for a long time – it’s no surprise there are a lot of straight, white, cis-gender men on stages, so to see this band of queer, trans musicians out there making music that is just as valid, just as wonderfully done. 

For more from RAT BATH, make sure to check out “Ragdoll,” out now on all major music and streaming sites right now.

Written by Kendra Beltran

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