“Mother Nature’s Bliss” by Maltese Flamingo

It is hard not to feel that Americana spirit when you drive through the US, away from the city centers with your hand out of the window. I felt that going from California to the east coast last fall, which is why I was not surprised to learn that part of the reason “Mother Nature’s Bliss” by Maltese Flamingo was inspired by his time on the road touring with rock bands. The other side of his inspo though, that’s where his lastest single goes from traditional to new heights. 

Maltese Flamingo’s Matthew Kerstein did not just find his musical muse crisscrossing through the continental United States. He also found himself moved when he spent time overseas in Berlin. The music scene there was electric, literally. Known worldwide for its massive amount of DJs and their contribution to House music, Berlin is an epicenter for the style. Now, finding a way to take the retro vibes of one genre and marry them with something based more in modern times, not an easy thing to do but Maltese Flamingo successfully found a way to balance both genres in “Mother Nature’s Bliss.” The narrative screams Americana, while the surprising balance between the two genres only helps push the story further along. 

Kerstein took from life and those experiences emerged in various scenes, he came out the other side with a sound that is all his own. For those interested in checking out his Americana meets electronica ways, Maltese Flamingo’s “Mother Nature’s Bliss” is available on all major music and streaming platforms now. 

Written by Kendra Beltran





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