“Chasing Shadows” by Lost//Youth

Lost//Youth is an alt/rock band formed in 2021, consisting of lead singer Alanna Joy, Charlie Charles on bass, Faghri Hendricks on the electric guitar, and drums by Teddy Frazer, forming a sound that is nostalgic yet so unique at the same time. Lost//Youth’s Debut EP “Chasing Shadows” is a hard-hitter, reminiscent of 90s alternative rock. The EP contains three unforgettable songs about love, darkness, and heartbreak.

The first track on the EP, “Too Late,” is about realizing one’s worth and taking back their strength to remove themselves from an unhealthy relationship. Joy’s voice is compelling: effortlessly switching from alto-toned to high-pitched notes. The listener can hear the pain in her voice: electrifying guitars, hard-hitting drums, and Joy’s silky-smooth voice tie in flawlessly.

Followed by “Too Late” is “Burn Every Bridge,” a song that takes a step back from the hard-rock element of the previous track. This song has a much more soft rock feel, with elements reminiscent of bands like The Cranberries and Mazzy Star. The track is about falling in love with a woman who is so loveable, but as the band describes her, “can make you slit your throat as easily.” The guitars stand out in the track, feeling as they tell the story of heartbreak along perfectly with Joy’s voice which switches from sadness to anger: the stages of heartbreak.

The third track, “Sinner,” is an emotional ballad with melodic, quiet guitars and Joy’s soft-spoken voice. The song never gets too loud, but enough to bring emotions to the forefront to any listener. Joy’s pain in her voice singing the lyrics, “You said you loved me; why did you leave me?” is truly heartwrenching. The instrumental takes a back seat in the song, and Joy’s souring and aching vocals get the recognition it deserves.

The fourth and final track, “Last Time,” leaves the EP positive: upbeat guitars and drums and lyrics about not letting love change you. It’s a powerful track about not losing yourself when you’re falling in love, which is something we can all learn from Lost//Youth.

“Chasing Shadows” is one of those EPs that just gets better each listen. At first, the music is so captivating that it is impossible to turn off; the second time listening, the emotive lyrics stand out. Whether you’re a fan of rock, pop, or ballads, you’re destined to find a track that you can relate to in this truly remarkable EP.

Written by Melissa Cusano

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