“Nobody” by Micah Thunder

Driven by a sense of underlying power that seems only possible with electric guitars in classic rock – “Nobody” by Micah Thunder is awesome. From the harrowing verses to the chorus that demands attention there is never a low moment. Released alongside a psychedelic music video that’s just as fun to watch as the song is to listen to. The New Mexico-based band has outdone themselves on this exciting new track.

Led by vocals that floated gracefully overtop the classic rock texture, the energy was palpable. The intense and energetic rhythm section felt restrained, adding to the emotional delivery of the lyrics. Even when everything quiets down and settles the strength and power of the performance is still there eveloping every note. From the moment the vocals come in all the different voices lock together perfectly.

Almost like a modern Beatles song, the simplistic story-telling made “Nobody” memorable and catchy. The busy texture was always interesting and would only thin out to give the vocals more room to stretch out. Whenever one of those moments would come around (ie. the chorus) it was like the sun shining through the clouds. The chaotic atmosphere suits the vibe perfectly and the vocals take advantage of every ebb and flow of the texture. 

Each individual voice may have been exciting, but what truly made this song unforgettable was how they all came together. When “Nobody” ends the full effect of what happened hits you – leaving you feeling like you’ve been on a journey. Micah Thunder did a phenomenal job creating a song that is both catchy and makes you think. Kudos.

“Nobody” by Micah Thunder is available now on any major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts





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