“The Saint Of Everything” by Bob Gemmell

When “The Saint Of Everything” was said and done I thought for sure Bob Gemmell resided in the heartland of the US, but when I found out he was based beachside in Santa Cruz, things started to unravel – in a good way. I listened once more, and then a few more times and the west was in front of me the whole time as Bob Gemmell took the beauty that is Americana and implemented this chill, California vibe for a very enjoyable listen. 

What Bob Gemmell does best in “The Saint Of Everything” utilizes every moment of the song to paint a vivid picture. The end result is an audible canvas. Yes, you can’t hang this on the wall in the living room, but you can engulf your sitting area in the vibrant, laidback sounds of song that shines bright with the Americana spirit with speckles of folk and country to give it that extra something-something. “The Saint Of Everything” is for those who want to lose themselves in a relaxing musical moment through and through. 

Bob Gremmell’s latest followed “America, After the War,” a song that leaned a little more towards the countryside of life. This singer-songwriter has been releasing music for four years now, starting with 2018’s “Caravan.” Since then he’s had a handful of singles delight country fans, as well as his 2019 debut album, ‘Parts and Labor.’ For those who want that Americana heartland with a coastal cool vibe, make sure to check out “The Saints Of Everything” and all the rest Bob Gemmell has to offer by checking him out on all major music and streaming sites now. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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