The new track, “Miss Me?,” by Carley Varley is a heart-wrenching song about unrequited love. The lyrics explain a woman caught in a one-sided relationship that is difficult to let go of. As a listener, it is easy to connect with the torturous phenomenon of still having feelings for a person that shows no signs of emotion, empathy, or remorse for the love once had.

In such an unbalanced connection, it is easy to question the relationship at hand. Was it real? Did that person love me? Do they miss me? Varley effortlessly displays the confusion one feels when there is a lack of acknowledgment from either party.

Varley’s voice possesses pain as she sings gracefully about the loss of love. She goes through the motions of wanting to see this person one last time, hoping it can give her closure. She then concludes that maybe this person never loved her.

Time is supposed to heal all. And yet, “Miss Me?” is a reminder that love can leave a heavy mark on the soul. The song explains there is not much else to do or say besides watching a person move on and continue to let go at your own pace.

The acoustic melody adds gentleness to the pain and frustration of the song. The guitar accents Varley’s voice as she sings:

“You’ve moved on
That’s not wrong
What’s wrong is holding on
When it’s been so long
Do you even miss me?
Do you even care?
Were you ever with me?
Your love was never there
Were you ever with me?
Your love isn’t fair”

“Miss Me?” is a waterfall of thoughts that fills the mind when love is distant and cold. It sheds light on the difficulty of releasing a person once so important to you — A task that requires more strength than people know.

Originally from Bournemouth, United Kingdom, her love for music and writing began at the age of fourteen. Varley’s new EP was released in November of 2021. “Miss Me?” has been played on BBC Introducing and gaining popularity. Check out her music on Spotify and social media. Don’t forget to add “Miss Me” to your “Sad Girl” playlist.

Reviewed by Abeni Moreno

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