“Closest To Happy” by Think Sanity

Think Sanity is a four piece that consists of lead vocalist Andie Johnson, bassist Trent Johnson, Jack Vermuth as lead guitarist and Christopher Collins on the drums. Think Sanity came to be in late 2020 with Trent, Andie and Jack and some unfortunate events they were finding themselves in need of a drummer. After about a month of searching, they found Chris Collins.

The group calls themselves an emo band and they tend to focus writing about dealing with mental health. They say that they also like to dip their toes into things like Godzilla marvel another strange topics along the way. And you can always learn more about their daily lives via their podcast.

“Closest to Happy” has a different meaning to each member and it will to you once you hear it. The vocals of Andie will immediately get you hooked, the voice is nostaligic yet something you havent heard before and something you want to hear more of.

When hearing “Closest To Happy” you may feel like you have transported back to early 2000s and you’re watching Think Sanity on MTV at 3am because why not. It’s apparent that they also make you feel a certain type of happy. “Closest To Happy” has over ten thousand listens on Spotify.

That should be no surprise because the four piece puts hard work and energy into their music and people like you are starting to take notice. It won’t take long for them to become one of your top artists.

Think Sanity is planning to release an album in just a little over a month on February 19th, make sure to mark your calendars and save the date.

Andie: Basically, this song was me making the conscious choice to try to stop looking for the next worst thing in life and just focus on creating a positive force of my own for myself.

Trent: “Closest To Happy” is a song that for me represents recovery in finding the strength to deal with the things that make living life hard. Whether it be depression or simply fighting with yourself to move forward, we’re all half way between to be or not to be.

Jack: “Closest To Happy” feels like you’ve reached a spot to breathe, and you look back to realize just how far you’ve come in your journey.

Chris: “Closest to Happy” for me is like the epitome of what it is to be a musician. It took focus and hard work to create and it is extremely gratifying to perform.

Written by Jaye Maverick





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