“Only Limit Is You” by John Long

Anyone who has taken a look around the past couple of years knows all too well that the simplicities of day-to-day tasks can be overwhelming when the world is as…chaotic as it has been as of late. So much so, that many of us have lost that internal drive, but “Only Limit Is You” by John Long is somewhat of a musical reminder that despite everything, you can do this. You can pull through and move forward, and the only thing limiting yourself at this very moment – is you. 

We’re often our own worst enemies. I don’t know how many times I’ve talked myself out from taking a leap of faith, but digging deep into “Only Limit Is You” made it clear that yeah, I need to stop that. John Long sings from experiences in his own life as someone who puts his faith out there as not only a singer-songwriter but as a father and husband presenting his audible diary to the world. A diary made of notes and melodies that fans of bands like OneRepublic and Coldplay would be interested in checking out as John Long possesses that grand pop-rock flare as well. 

John Long started releasing music back in 2019 with his debut single, “Beautiful to Me.” Since then he’s added a few more singles to the mix including last year’s “I Say Yes” and his latest, inspired endeavor, “Only Limit Is You.” For more information and to check out all the rest of John Long’s music, make sure to seek him out on all major music and streaming platforms today. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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