“Heartless” by Mars Valencia

Mars Valencia’s latest single, “Heartless,” is a blunt track about love, success, and what you have to do to make one’s dreams come true. “Heartless” is a continuation of Valencia’s last track, “Nomads”. “Nomads” discusses Valencia leaving home to travel the world to chase his dreams, whereas “Heartless” is after the fact; he has traveled around the world, seen what he’s want to see, and the track highlights what he has discovered from doing so. 

“Heartless” showcases Valencia’s transition from caring too much about others’ feelings to realizing he needs to be selfish in order to get to his goal and chase his dreams. Doing so has made Valencia heartless, yet he’s succeeding in his career. Being heartless is a slippery slope, as it makes your head not get caught up in love and relationships, where you can really focus on your dreams. At the same time, love is one of the most essential feelings in the world.

“Heartless” is the second single from Valencia’s upcoming EP titled ‘Forgive Me.’ The first track on the EP, Valencia’s “Heartless,” is extremely catchy, with its hard-hitting bass and Valencia’s silky-smooth vocals. Lyrics such as “F**k Love” and “You should know I’m heartless” highlight how Valencia’s priorities are changing, knowing he has to put his full self into his music and have no distractions if he wants to succeed. 

The track starts as an R&B track, but as it continues, Valencia’s vocals go into a rapping verse, having the perfect track for fans of artists such as Drake and The Weeknd. Play “Heartless” at your next kickback, beach day, or just driving down the street with the windows down; it’s a song that everyone will love.

Photo credits: @jayfisherphoto

Written by Melissa Cusano

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