“Puerto Aisen” by Intercontinen7al

There aren’t always hints in a group’s name as to what they’re all about, or their foundation but that is where they vary from their peers – in many ways. Several to be exact. Intercontinen7al is the first band to have recorded on every continent on Earth. Yes, even in the snow-capped realm of Antarctica. A feat just as impressive as their wonderful culmination of sound on their sophomore release, ‘Intercontinen7al, Vol. 2’ which features the always satisfying single, “Puerto Aisen.” 

When you have a band bringing so much from all over the world, the sound is going to reflect that. Which “Puerto Aisen” does. This single from Intercontinen7al has a solid Latin-infused foundation with walls built of sultry vocals and jazz, and when it all comes together it’s a flawless blend that leaves listeners more than content. It’s a song that also allows itself to be cinematic as well. I could imagine hearing this during a modern-day western taken to the big screen. On the flip side, I could see myself sitting at a bar in any metropolitan area, getting lost inside the arrangement of this one with a drink in hand as I swayed back and forth to the music. 

The band is proud to present not only solid music to their listeners but to give back as well to those in need. Proceeds from the sales of ‘Intercontinen7al, Vol. 2’ will go towards supporting the International Justice Mission.

To check out “Puerto Aisen” and to hear more from ‘Intercontinen7al, make sure to find this worldly band on all major music and streaming platforms now. 

Written by Kendra Beltran




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