“No One Needs to Cry” & “15’s Up” by Terry K 3TL

As we get closer to the Spring 2022 release of ‘Tell Me A Story’ by Terry K 3TL, we get closer to uncovering more and more about the confines of Terry Kozachenko’s heart because from we can gather from his current singles – there is a lot to unpack. “15’s Up” is a tale of regret while “No One Needs to Cry,” is one of hope. All in all, it is like Terry K 3TL is working to deliver the grand scheme of this thing we call life. 

“15’s Up” dropped in late 2021, and captured me from the first line, “Will you come to my funeral?” A poignant lyric that’d stop anyone in their tracks as the subject of death tends to do so. Once you mentally RSVP to this musical invitation, you start to unravel the heartfelt yet somber tale. This is a song rooted in songwriting with a strong vocal performance about the things we wish we’d had the guts to utter before it was too late. It is a nice balance when listening to “No One Needs to Cry” right after as that one shines a light elsewhere. 

“No One Needs to Cry” is less about regret and more about hope. Musically, this one has more lighthearted moments throughout, reminiscent of sounds you’d hear in the Southwest region of the US. Perhaps because this one is about potentially looking to take an expired relationship, and start from scratch. These two singles could very well be the yin and yang of Terry K 3TL’s upcoming release that’ll be the follow up to 2019’s ‘Take a Little Ride.’

Make sure to check out Terry K 3TL on all major music and streaming sites now to hear “15’s Up,” “No One Needs to Cry,” and more.

Written by Kendra Beltran





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