“Scars” by Megan and Shane

Photo Credits: Jim Louvau, Christopher Reed, Adon Fanon

A positive that has come from the hectic nature of the past couple of years is the perspective it’s given to many about what they want out of life. Is it to continue to do the same, or should they just go for the unexpected because life truly is not guaranteed? Megan and Shane, a couple originally from Arizona decided on the latter and after penning a handful of songs during the initial shutdowns, including the very personal “Scars,” they took some big swings in their own lives. 

Megan wasn’t afraid to bare it all on “Scars.” It starts with one many can relate to as it’s the physical scars of childhood that are left on us as permanent reminders that perhaps trying to do that bike trick wasn’t the brightest of ideas. Then she digs deeper into a part of her story that not everyone has dealt with but those who have, will fully appreciate. The scar that comes from losing someone before getting the chance to know them, a pain Megan was brave enough to share with the world through song. With a folksy delivery that’s packed with a lot of heart, she and Shane give way to a wonderful Americana meets indie-folk track that is a highlight of their 2021 release, ‘Daughter of Country.’

Penning a song so personal is a swing to take, but as I said – Megan and Shane took a lot of big leaps in recent years. They not only quit their jobs of 15 years but also packed up their three animals into a minivan and headed east to Nashville. The place where singers like themselves can truly be engulfed in music 24/7. 

To hear “Scars” and more from ‘Daughter of Country,’ make sure to check out Megan and Shane on all major music and streaming platforms now. 

Written by Kendra Beltran




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