“Daydream” by Briana Piedra

Briana Piedra’s EP “Daydream” houses 5 captivating songs, showcasing her unique talents as a singer-songwriter and creative voice with lush production and serene vocal performances.

Floating through gorgeous vocal melodies and lush sonic landscapes, “Daydream” is Piedra’s most exciting work yet. Released in summer of 2021, Piedra tracked her vocals on her own in her bedroom during quarantine. Not only does the production aspect stand out, thanks to the work provided by band members of ‘Yellow Trash Can’, but Piedra’s writing style and creativity also expanded and grew on her latest work. The soft pop laying the basis for the EP adds the perfect grounding to expand from, something “Daydream” does perfectly.

With hints of Ariana Grande and Billie Eilish, Briana Piedra has cemented her own sound with her euphoric singing and clever chord progressions. Slick instrumentation and smooth tones allow her to stand above the crowd and excel at crafting emotional tracks. This EP lets us relate to Piedra’s experiences and her emotional journey throughout recent years. Its message of appreciating life and accepting its highs and lows carries through each song.

Briana Piedra spoke about the EP below:

“Daydream” is a mix of euphoric and electric ambience that dives into my thoughts and where I go when I drift off. I recorded this project myself, which really gave me the ability to experiment with my vocals and push myself to go deeper into my creativity. I feel like each song compliments the other by providing a unique and exciting element, while still delivering a dreamy sound that brings it all together.

“Daydream” is Piedra’s most amazing body of work yet and demands your attention from the first track. There’s never been a better time to check out the California based songwriters captivating discography than now. Stream “Daydream” here now!

Reviewed by Ciarán Coleman





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