“Old Green House” by Sail Cassady

Poetic and full of honest charisma, “Old Green House” is a nostalgic glimpse into the past that houses maturity and enticing innocence throughout its 4-minute runtime.

Like many artists, Sail Cassady took advantage of the free time provided by lockdown, expanding his creativity and songwriting ability through deep reflection. “Old Green House” looks through Colin Craviero’s (Sail Cassady’s lead singer and songwriter) old life by comparing it to an aging house, each room a memory with objects tossed upon the floor, abandoned to create a new life and identity. The song uses clever poetry and metaphors to explore identity and allows us a glimpse into Craviero’s incredible life.

A tale of self-discovery wrapped in lush textures and sweet production, the band also crafted an emotive music video to accompany the song. It captures its subtle passion perfectly, exploring a trans man’s perspective in a relationship with love, coming from a place where this wasn’t accepted.

Alongside Creaveiro, the band consists of Nate Bailey (keys), John Flatman (keys/backups) and Aaron Blair (bass). Helping with the music on “Old Green House” is Shannon Sargent (backups), Chris Lloyd (lead guitars) and Michael Wilford (drums). Their unique exploration of folk music and captivating storytelling allows them to stand well above similar acts and has helped establish Sail Cassady as a force to be reckoned with. Melancholic and utterly fascinating, “Old Green House” is an incredible listen. Stream it here now!

Reviewed by Ciarán Coleman





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