“12 ways I see myself, Pt. 1,2 & 3” by Moli

According to India born artist Moli, he is the moniker of Anmol Gupta, who finds an immediate warmth and saturation in the creation of musical forms and experiences. He has also been known to not follow the usual paths taken by those around him, and instead he was heavily influenced by musical instruments from a young age. Upon discovering the art of production and the many sounds you can create from a laptop, he was quickly drawn to the more experimental genres, filled with ambience, vintage drum progressions and synth bass lines.

“12 ways I see myself, Pt. 1,2 & 3” is an ethereal and also an uplifting song that address the hard things…recognizing that you might not recognize yourself. This is the kind of song that really makes you want to think, and with it being eight minutes long, it gives you plenty of time to do that. “12 Ways I See Myself, Pt. 1,2 & 3” is truly a masterpiece.

Upon listening to this song you take a trip to wherever your mind needs you to go. This is the kinda of song that opens your brain up and lets it wander without restrictions. Moli knows what it takes to make amazing music and hopefully he never stops.

Moli is a special artist indeed, Moli suffers from mild Brain mania, as a child Moli wasn’t able to differentiate between the mind’s hallucinatory figments and reality of this 3rd dimensional world. It now translates into his music and you can’t help but to love the incredible outcome of a tragic start. Click play on “12 Ways I See Myself, Pt. 1,2 & 3” and see why over 15,000 people have listened to it.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Anandi Ray and Anmol Bains



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