“Mclovin/the ugly one” by FrostIsRad

FROSTisRAD is an alternative artist in the Metro Detroit area who mixes his passions for music and video into one cohesive multimedia experience. As an art director, vocalist, and designer, his work evokes powerful emotions like love, rage and sadness. He describes his music as fun feel good music, a different kind of emo. FROSTisRAD is making emo rap sound good. Emo rap tends to leave a bad taste in some peoples mouth, but FROSTisRAD is emo rap done right he has a xxxtentacion vibe mixed with a little bit of MCR.

“Mclovin/the ugly one” is an upbeat, catchy song that will have you moshing while simultaneously crying on the dance floor. Frostisrad knows how to capture his audience by being open and by being himself. It’s no wonder that “Mclovin/ the ugly one” has over 5,000 listens on Spotify. He is making music for everyone who has ever felt sad or insecure.

With his recent release of “Mclovin” he wants to convey the trials and tribulations of self love, and remaining a forgiving person through all aspects of life. When it comes to FROSTisRAD you never know what kind of sound you’re going to meet with. When heard however, it is almost certain that you’re bound to love his unique mixing.

You don’t want to miss out on hearing all of his music, every song is unique, you can say that it has it’s own fingerprint. FROSTisRAD is a special artist who makes magical music. You will not regret clicking the play button.

Written by Jaye Maverick




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