“Sweat” by Jimmy Knows

The newest single from Jimmy Knows is an aesthetic dive into bedroom pop that’s rich in soul and maturity whilst staying true to their unique and captivating sound.

“Sweat” has a subtle energy beneath each bar that drives the song. Its casual production adds a homegrown feel that’s endearing and adds the perfect soundscape for the song’s vibe. Made up of Yannis Vranas (vocals & guitars), Kimonas Sotirou (bass guitsr) and Jason Gavalas (drums & percussions), Jimmy Knows has a distinct and authentic aura to their sound that defines their sound. Original and housing clever lyricism, the groups new track “Sweat” is a captivating trip into bedroom indie rock that’s different from anything they’ve done before.

The band met in Athens two years ago, where they connected over a love for 2000’s bands and music. Playing gigs across Greece in places such as Athens and Thessaloniki, Jimmy Knows are making a name for themselves in the country’s growing rock scene. The chill, inviting melody that runs throughout “Sweat” proves the band’s ability at crafting cohesive pop music with originality. Still keeping all the elements that make Jimmy Knows an incredibly vibrant and dynamic upcoming act, “Sweat” explores a wholly unique sound.

The group have several releases under their belt and have garnered a strong following with their enchanting originality and vibrant performances. Filled with a strong sense of self and with about two albums worth of material in the process of being recorded, Jimmy Knows are pushing the boundaries of their own sound in exciting new ways. An enticing new song for any music fan, check out “Sweat” now!

Reviewed by Ciarán Coleman





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