“Not To Go” by Detention

Detention describes themselves as a high-energy pop-punk, alt rock band. These teens from Akron, Ohio have been making big moves as a band. Detention includes seventeen year old lead singer, Elliott Carter, bassist Fritz Dannemiller who is the oldest at the age of eighteen, their drummer Luke Konopka is fifteen years old and the youngest is guitarist Evans Cox who is fourteen.

“Not To Go” starts off with some powerful lyrics from Elliot, “I only ever wanted to be happy. Hey, I’m trying, you can’t blame me.” There comes a point in everyones life where they just feel so unhappy no matter how hard they try, they put on that fake smile and just go about their days. You feel like the whole world is mad at you for not being happy and all they want to do is blame you. All you want to do is be happy and want people to see you trying.

This pop punk song made by teens takes you back to your teens, the feeling of being a teenager becomes nostalgic and it’s bands like Detention that make you feel like pop punk will never die. Although Detention is a young band, they will be around for decades to come.

No matter how you or how old you are “Not To Go” is made for everyone. Detention makes great music for all ages. You will not want to miss out on this four piece pop punk band.

“The wrong way out of this town goes right past your house….I’m pounding on your window, I know that you’re home. Come on, get down and beg me not to go” – Detention “Not To Go” lyrics

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Lee Sechrist




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