“More More More” by Soft Set

Nostalgic yet modern, joyful yet melancholic, and oh so dreamy; This is what perfectly encapsulates Soft Set’s latest single “More More More”, the first single from their upcoming album Still Life, which is set to debut in summer 2022. The song feels like a euphoric dream, with its upbeat melody, but with bittersweet lyrics describing loneliness and heartbreak. The track features soaring guitars, synths, and hazy, beautiful vocals by Nathan Athay. 

The Toronto Indie Rock band Soft Set is composed of duo Nathan Athay and James Gray. Soft Set released their debut EP Love and Dancing in 2020, and their next album will be released in 2022. With “More More More” being the opening single off the album, it’s destined to be a dreamlike fantasy. “More More More” features some top-notch artists on the track: Mark Crozer of The Jesus and Mary Chain on bass and mastered by Simon Scott of Slowdive. 

The track features wistful lyrics: “Told me that you’d break my heart”, “Arms around me can never be enough” and “I’d never fall in love again”, showcases the lonely feeling that everyone has felt before, and how that feeling of euphoria never feels like enough from those you love. The track truly feels like it belongs in a film; The way that it takes its time to slowly build-up to the vocals, the instrumental steadily getting louder. The music completely takes over whoever is listening to the track, getting completely wrapped up in it. 

Keep a lookout for Soft Set’s upcoming album Still Life, and take a listen to their past tracks: “7 on up” and “Never Die” to get the dreamy taste of this amazing duo.

Photo Credits: Heidi Athay

Written by Melissa Cusano

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