“Baddest Bitch” by VALA

Vala, the independent artist from New York has a new hard-hitting, catchy, and extremely fun new track ”Baddest Bitch”, which is accompanied by a thrilling music video. The video (partially animated) is reminiscent of the 90s and early 2000s cartoons, yet, when looking deeper, it has a twist to it. The song has a unique, unforgettable melody and blunt lyrics. Not only is the track impossible to not nod one’s head to, but it also has a profound meaning.

The video showcases a girl, seemingly Vala, fighting back at cartoon sharks (a metaphor for the music industry); The video and lyrics are uncompromising, and Vala knows she is the baddest bitch. The video is somewhat a Vala vs. industry aspect; The video begins with Vala on a retro TV, which then turns to the cartoon, showcasing Vala in a number of different places: fighting zombies, in Rome, etc. The message of the track and video? Be confident in yourself (and know who you are, and as Vala says, you are a ‘bad bitch’).

Fans of unapologetic hip-hop, reminiscent of 90s rap that isn’t heard so often, will love Vala and her latest track. The meaningful lyricism isn’t something heard in a lot of modern rap songs today. Unlike tracks that are just about partying and going to the club, Vala’s “Baddest Bitch” is an exception. It doesn’t just rely on the catchy beat (although it is extremely captivating), but also honest and direct lyrics.

Put this song on your next party playlist and it’s guaranteed to get anyone dancing and stopping to listen. 

Photo Credits: Michael Goldman Photograhy


Written by Melissa Cusano

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