“Never Minded Being Alone (but Lately)” by Indigo Daydream

Being quarantined has taken so much from us; One of the most difficult parts of being alone is the loss of connection. Indigo Daydream’s latest single “Never Minded Being Alone (but Lately)”, is just about that loneliness: love in a time of disconnection. The thought of being alone may not have been the worst feeling in the world a couple of years ago, but now that’s our state of being, it can get quite depressing, and extremely difficult. 

The track is beautiful: soaring guitars, meaningful lyrics, and an ultra-catchy, euphoric melody. Fans of dream pop and songs with a deeper meaning will love “Never Minded Being Alone (but Lately)”. The warm, fuzzy feeling of the track feels like a blanket, telling us that it is all going to be okay and that we will feel that connection again, even if it doesn’t seem like it now.

Indigo Daydream is the project of multi-instrumentalist Nick Cheshire, the Totnes, United Kingdom-based alternative rock artist. The track begins off with a melancholic tune, fuzzy and somewhat distorted, when Cheshire’s dreamy voice comes in. Lyrics such as “Don’t let go” and “Feels like everybody’s feeling alone” showcase the universal feeling of loneliness and wanting to have that special connection. The track is a haunting soundscape, with Chesire’s ethereal voice and distorted guitars. 

“Never Minded Being Alone (but Lately)” is the third single from Indigo Daydream, who is known for his dreamy, beautiful tracks. Although a song about loneliness, it is also a song about hope: optimistic lyrics such as “hold me close, don’t let me go, is what I live for” highlight he is not giving up on that connection, even though it feels so distant now. 

Written by Melissa Cusano

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