“She Comes In Colours” by Vince Chinaski

There is something a little sinister about the way Vince Chinaski comes through in his music. There’s a hint of darkness that encases his vocals in his latest, “She Comes in Colours,” and while that’s so – it only made me want to dig in a little deeper to see what was underneath that dark, audible haze. 

What I found was layer upon layer of creativity within the four and a half or so minutes of “She Comes in Colours.” It boasts a Scandinavian heart in the arrangement. Those sounds paint vivid imagery of Denmark, but pairing the music with the overall performance – another scene came to mind. Those scenes in movies where the lead seems to have had it, somehow find themselves at a piano bar, and then magically is a pianist? They’re just giving it everything they’ve got in an emotionally drained yet spirited performance about a rollercoaster of a woman that makes the regulars take note. That’s what I got from “She Comes in Colours” every time I listened to it through. 

Vince Chinaski spent the earlier part of his career working with and touring alongside the likes of The Innits, The Man No. 9, and many other acclaimed acts. Sharpening his skills enough to finally step out and explore on his own, he dropped his debut single in 2021. “Never Painted Black” set the cinematic tone for his artistry, and his latest does nothing more than compliment its predecessor. With two singles out now, Vince Chinaski has laid the foundation and continues to build up from here. 

To hear more from Vince Chinaski, make sure to check him out on all major music and streaming sites today. 

Written by Kendra Beltran





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