“Into The Deep” by Jessy

Jessy started releasing music not too long but has since showcased it was the right move in only a handful of singles. That includes her latest, “Into The Deep.” When she describes herself as a Christian singer-songwriter, she’s not wrong as this single balances two genres and styles beautifully in one.

Throughout the verses, Jessy comes through with so much strength in her delivery. Her vocals are top-tier, striking. They make you take notice, and you immediately want to hear more. It’s the type of voice that is great on a record, but one you’re going to want to hear live because to be engulfed by that would take the song to another level. To balance that out with a more faithful demeanor, the choruses give way to moments that harken back to church choirs. This is sort of unexpected given Jessy is a solo artist, but somehow she makes those moments seem like a grand army of vocalists is at the helm. A delight for those who are simply fans of well-sung music. 

“Into The Deep” is the fifth single from this Bermingham-based singer. It follows 2021’s “Lifting You Up” as well as “I Believe In Love.” Each release single 2020 has shown a new side of Jessy’s vocal and songwriting ability, and “Into The Deep” is no exception. So for those looking to add a wonderfully done song to their playlist make sure to check out the latest from Jessy – and more – on all major music and streaming sites today. 

Written by Kendra Beltran

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