Jerseyville musician Zen2muz released his latest single “Pride” earlier this month, giving us that nostalgic feeling with its early ‘00s sound. With high energy and honest lyrics, Zen2muz entertains and impresses us with this record.

Some of the Jerseyville artist’s main influences include Shinedown and Breaking Benjamin, which you can hear from listening to the song, yet he still manages to maintain his original sound — evidence that he’s an astonishing artist!

Several factors play into what makes “Pride” a great song. The dynamic percussion between verses and choruses are impeccable. The driving guitars increase the intense energy in the track. It’s incredible how well the instrumentals blend well together to provide this authentic rock-pop sound. 

The lyrical content is spectacular and teaches an important lesson. Many people allow their pride to get the best of them because being right is the most important thing to some people. “Pride” encourages its listeners to put all of their pride aside and to not focus on being right all the time — everyone knows that having too big of an ego can disable people from connecting with that person with too much pride. All in all, be humble, everyone!

Certain lyrics will stick out to you because of how deep and meaningful they are, which you’re more than welcome to share with Zen2muz and others who may need to hear it. In fact, “Comprise don’t mean you’re weak // you don’t gotta prove anything to me,” is the singer’s favorite line.

You can listen to pride on all music streaming platforms and share to those who may need to hear it. 

Written by Taylor Berry

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