“Rat From Hell” by RAT BATH

Milwaukee’s favorite queer band is back and this time they have album ready for you.”Rat From Hell” which comes out in just a week on February 18. RAT BATH describes themselves as being a spooky country core band with a demonic twist on hardcore that incorporates country riffs and influences while telling horrifying tales. No one can describe RAT BATH like RAT BATH describes RAT BATH. This lovely five piece consists of vocalist Fred Kenyon (they/them), guitarists Cora Bequeaith (she/her) and Róisín Shields (she/they), drummer Emmett Roehr (he/him), and bassist Phoenix Lehner (he/they).

They kick off the album with “The Tale of Dead Ol’ Fred” which taps right into there emo country vibe. This song gives off a yee haw, I want to cry under a red light mood. At the same time this is the perfect movie soundtrack for a good ole fashion shootout then it cuts to a single tumbleweed crossing as the two people squint at each other with their guns drawn.

RAT BATH has a way of hooking you in and not letting go. Have you ever done coke? Or even just met someone who sells coke? They are a different breed, they make you question a lot but in the best way possible. The third track off the album “Rat From Hell” is titled “Coke Dealer”, and when you hear vocalist Fred Kenyon get weird as hell and absolutely killing it, you will exit the song with a craving for some of that classic cocaína.

“Spit//Swallow” was the first single to be released off an upcoming album “Rat From Hell”. “Spit//Swallow” is telling the story of a witch whose powers are rendered useless and is forced to physically fight off a demon that was paid to capture them. “Spit//Swallow” brings out the hardcore/demonic side of RAT BATH, this makes you want to bounce off walls and maybe stab someone (but not like so much that you kill them).

The album starts to come to an end with “Slowdown Malacha, Malacha Slowdown”. Who or what the hell is Malacha and why won’t they slow down? With “Rat From Hell” finishing, that is one question you may be asking yourself. This fast paced, heavy hitting song is instantly starting ALL the mosh pits. You won’t be able to stop yourself.

RAT BATH is bringing uniqueness back to music. You will regret not presaving this album, which you can do in the link below. February 18 will be a day that history is make amongst the rats, a day where you will remember when RAT BATH blessed you with their weirdness. Get the mosh ready, because shit is going down.

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: La Lux Photography




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