“You Are Here” by The ROLF

Coming from Stockholm, Sweden is The ROLF who is not a band but a project. For this particular song “You Are Here”, the only band member is Per Dahlquist. Other stuff he is working on demands several musicians and different mindsets and ideas but for this one it’s just him. Most of the songs he records in his home studio. When the song requires more artists, they gather in the studio.

When asked, Per Dahlquist says that “You Are Here” is mainly about the sadness of not being able to communicate with an older generation due to distance or just mutual disinterest. And more, the fear of it goes around, over and over again with the future generations and your dear ones. He says it’s always the same – alienation. It may be from the society, from the ones you love, from a context or even from your self certain days. An absolutely inexhaustible source.

This slow melodic song is sure to dredge up plenty of emotions, with COVID still hitting people hard, seeing our grandparents has become incredibly hard. “You Are Here” addressing all of the sadness and the issue involving a lack of seeing your loved ones. 

The ROLF is new to the scene but it won’t be long before you know his name, you’ll be blasting “You Are Here” on your good and your bad days. It is a song that will be stuck in your head long after you hear it. The ROLF has only released his second single, and you will be itching for more.

“If “You are Here”, as you put it, then Where Are We Now?” – The ROLF

Written by Jaye Maverick

Photo Credits: Ulmaja & Co

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