‘all the things i would do’ by Allie Lune

Valentines day is just around the corner, which makes right now the perfect time to listen to Allie Lune’s ‘all the things i would do for you.’ This track does a great job capturing the love and connection from having a very close partner. A deep connection in which you would do absolutely anything for that person, big or small. Whether you have a Valentine this year or not, it’ll definitely make you think of that special somebody that you’ll eventually do anything for. It’s wonderfully crafted musically and uses such cute and imaginative lyrics to delve into the topic of love.

‘All the things i would do for you’ is a cheery track that’s filled with so much joy. The instrumentation has an energetic happiness to it, and the synths, guitars, and bass bring in a colorful array of tones. The bass has just the right bounce to it and works in both smoother and more snappy paces.The vocals do a great job at hitting a happy tone, perfectly tying itself into the lyricism and the sound of the song. This track just has such a nice vibe, and if you’re looking for a happy vibes pick-me-up track it’s just waiting to be listened to.

Allie Lune provides lyricism in ‘all the things I would do’ that hit just the right note of being cutesy and lovey. It’s about love, and being in such a deep love that you’d do absolutely do anything for that person. Even if it’s something that you wouldn’t personally love to do, you’d love to do it because it’s for them. The lyrics are super creative, using lines such as “I’d put hearts after your name on my phone / I would buy you the stars of Orion / I’d snowboard, I’d skydive.” The track goes through a list, mentioning all the things the voice of the song would do, and the voice also mentions that that person would “do the same for me.” It’s an adorable and love-filled concept, and the writing portrays what it wants to in the right way.

Allie Lune is a Spanish-Colombian musician who works with multiple instruments and has a youthful energy behind her tracks. She’s been making music since she was in her early teens and has never lost the love she has for it. Lune uses a rich mix of poetry and music to make the pieces that she creates, and she’s influenced heavily by the indie-pop scene of Spain. ‘All the things i would do for you’ was just released on January 28th, and it’s her debut single. This track is a wonderful start that builds excitement for what’s coming next. 

Written by Sage Plapp





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