Easy-going only begins to describe “AEIOU” by Fia Nyxx. As with any release from the Los Angeles-based artist, the cool and unique instrumental gives plenty of room for expressive vocals. Sultry and suggestive, this latest release will stay stuck in your head for hours. Vivid lyricism suits the relaxed mood and leaves very little to the imagination.

One of my favorite things when it comes to Fia Nyxx is the non-traditional instrumental/vocal pairings. While traditional pop uses 808s and catchy chorus’, Nyxx opts for taking her own lane. Sometimes singing acapella, other times fully supported, but always sounding full and powerful. It was these awesome vocals that kept the energy sky high and enchanting. Backing vocals matched the energy with their short interludes and easy-going harmonies.

Whenever the dripping bass came around during the chorus everything seemed to lock together perfectly. Usually minimalistic, the thickened presence of the rhythm section gave “AEIOU” a ton of energy and allowed Nyxx to do her thing. The strong vocals helped fill out the thinner sections accenting the push and pull of energy.

Suggestive and high-energy, “AEIOU” is incredibly well-made and entertaining. Good mixing allows every last ad lib to come through the texture clearly. The whole song is fun and playful, while still nice to listen to. Unpredictable melodies dance alongside the gentle, yet versatile instrumentally phenomenally well. Although it’s only about three minutes long, it will liven up any party. Yet another great release by the continually impressive LA-based artist.

“AEIOU” by Fia Nyxx is available now on any major streaming services.


Written by Tyler Roberts



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