“If I Can’t Have You” by Juliander

A singer-songwriter and producer hailing from Sweden, Juliander delivers heartfelt lyrics, a catchy beat, and ambient vocals in his new song “If I Can’t Have You.”

The idea of being so desperately in love that you can’t imagine being with anyone else is a well explored theme, but Juliander’s take on it is captivating as ever. The lyrics “just say you want me, ‘cause I don’t need nobody else” read as desperate, but the upbeat feel of the song contrasts that, showing the listener he is actually hopeful and devoted. It “takes a lot for [him] to say ‘I love you,’” but this love makes it easy. 

Simplicity is a hallmark of a great love, and with the line “it’s just the way you hold me and how you make me feel alive,” we know that this love is a great one indeed. The reasons are direct, almost plain, which makes the depth of them even more beautiful. Just being held by this person makes him feel whole; just being around this person makes him feel alive. 

The synth-filled instrumentation adds a retro feel to the song, matching the idea that this kind of consuming love is timeless. Juliander does a great job playing with the listeners expectations. By dropping the drums in the first verse, pre choruses, and bridge, he sets us up to expect an intense and memorable chorus- and delivers each time. The drums come in with full vocals that practically force you to sing along.

The tension and release throughout the whole song keeps our attention and makes us eagerly await what is coming next. A love song made for driving with the windows down, “If I Can’t Have You” by Juliander is captivating and fulfilling.  

Written by Emily Cushing





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