“stupid heart” by frogi

LA-based artist frogi is back with her bedroom pop (destined to be a hit) track “stupid heart.” Frogi’s raspy yet silky-smooth vocals describe the feelings of falling in love, and that first, crushing heartbreak. Everyone can relate to falling in love for the first time; Sometimes, that heartbreak of a first love hurts more than future heartbreaks. First loves are meant for learning, loving, and falling incredibly hard. “stupid heart” encompasses these emotions of one’s first heartbreak so perfectly, in a beautiful mix of this melancholic yet upbeat track.

Lyrics, such as “I was young but I thought I was old for my age” and “I fell into you, no one could have stopped me” highlights the feeling of falling in love, and not being able to stop it. As we get older, we get better at holding back our emotions when we know someone is not good for us; When we first tackle relationships and love though, it’s impossible to stop falling, even if we know deep down it is destined for heartbreak.

Along with the deep meaningful lyrics, the music itself is so catchy. Frogi’s vocals alone are to applaud: effortlessly switching from alto-toned to beautiful soprano-pitched vocals, showcasing her incredible range. In a way, when her voice is lower, it highlights her deep in her heartbreak, but as the chorus comes, frogi’s much-needed closure comes to the surface. 

Along with frogi’s voice, background vocals are heard, an all-female choir, which is called frogi’s friends. “stupid heart” is a truly remarkable bedroom pop song with elements of alternative rock and electronic pop, with frogi’s amazing songwriting abilities. Give it a listen while driving down the beach, winding down; the environment this song can play in is endless. 

Photo Credit: Victoria Lemmus

Written by Melissa Cusano





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