“Time For Change” by SOUP

As we get older, we continue to make changes in our lives. Whether it is a major change such as quitting our job, or a minor change such as making time to exercise more often. To change is to make progress and it starts with having the courage to take a stand and fight for what you believe in. The band SOUP boldly delivers this message in their single “Time For Change.”

“Time For Change” begins with the sound of a synthesizer followed by a gentle strumming from the acoustic guitar and a soft drumbeat. The instrumentation gradually becomes heavier in sound, for an electric guitar is introduced. The vocals are slightly rough in sound and backing vocals make an appearance adding harmony to the composition. The lyrics are both positive and inspirational as the lead vocalist sings, “I’m gonna make a difference from now on.” There is also a sense of rebellion within the lyrics, for the lead vocalist proudly states, “You’ve gotta smash the status quo, and challenge everything you know.” A shift in dynamics occurs halfway through the song as the instruments become quieter and the vocals are distorted. Another layer of vocals is added to the composition as the lead vocalist begins to sing “You can change”, which gradually becomes louder. The song ends with the line “It’s time, time for change” being sung repeatedly with a gradual fade out.

SOUP is a five-piece indie rock band from the United Kingdom. Be sure to check out other performances from SOUP on YouTube.

Written by Brittany Jennings 

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