“I’m Letting You Go” by Aminata

Aminata’s new single “I’m Letting You Go” is a powerful anthem for the heartbreaking experience of moving on. Detailing the end of a relationship, Aminata perfectly describes the difficulty of having to let go when you know the end is inevitable.

A 2015 Eurovision contestant, Aminata has a rich catalog and delivers yet again with “I’m Letting You Go.” Starting with acoustic instrumentation and rich vocals, the narrative of this song begins post-breakup. Aminata says that this person “did nothing wrong, we just faked it for too long.” They were trying to stay in love more than they actually were in love. A love just not meant to be can be harder than a love where something explicitly went wrong. How do you move on when you don’t have a true explanation for why something ended?

When we get to the chorus, Aminata’s chilling vocals come in strong. The desperation in the way she sings “I’m letting you go with a heavy heart” expresses both the difficulty and the necessity of moving on. Even though letting go “tears [her] heart apart” she has finally accepted it is unavoidable.

The ambient feel of this song suspends us in time and in emotion. All we know is Aminata’s vocals- especially in the last chorus with her transportive note changes. You can feel her pain, her regret, and even her acceptance in every line. An ode to moving on, “I’m Letting You Go” tells the story of finally accepting the end of a relationship.

Written by Emily Cushing





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